KVPozz-MS, is an organic & amorphous pozzolanic silica which is being used in the production of various high performance, high strength a low permeability concrete mixes. We prepare it by using suitable grinding methods and milled it to less than 45 microns to achieve higher specific surface area for better reactivity in concrete mix application.
Qulity Assurance
ASTM C1240 Chemical composition & physical properties are maintained and tested according to the standards mentioned in ASTM C1240


The KVPozz-MS is suitable for all types of concrete and mortar applications. The product offers many advantages: high performance, excess durability and improved physical properties.


25 KG PP Bags

1000 KG Jumbo Bags


  • The force of pressure is better

  • Shock resistant

  • Less permeability to water and air

  • Improved insulation properties

  • Resistant to sulfur and alkaline effect

  • Better resistance to rust


  • Sio2
    85% At least
  • Moisture
    2% Maximum
  • Carbon
    3% Maximum
  • LOI
    4% Maximum
  • Bulk Density (Kg/m3)
  • Retained on 45 Microns sieve
    10% Maximum
  • Variation from avg. retained on 45 Microns
    6% Maximum
  • Pozzolanic Activity Index (7 days accelerated curving)
  • Specific Surface area (m2/gram)
    15 At least
  • Color
  • Ph Value