Rice Husk Ash For Steel Productions & Foundry

Ladle & Tundish Covering Compound


KVINSUL-XP is a Low Carbon Rice Husk Ash Powder widely used in steel production as Heat insulator. It is a free flowing, nonhazardous powder made from Rice Husk Ash as main source of silica. It is also known as a Ladle / Tundish covering compound.

  •       Prevenet Heat Loss
  •       Absorbs nonmetal Impurities
  •       Prevents Re Oxidation of Metal
  •       Better Metal Quality


How It works?


KVINSUL-XP is Rice hsuk ash powder, being spread over molten metal which is usually at temperature of 16500 C while in Ladle/Tundish. It will create a thick layer of about 1”- 2” over molten metal and helps maintaining temperature of molten metal in process.

 SiO2 86-90%
 Loss of Ignition 3-5%
 Carbon 3% Max
 H2O 1.5% Max
 Insulation 10 kW/m2 max.
 Melting point > 1500°C
 Bulk Density (kg/ m3) 0.250 – 0.450
 Sieve Analysis 
< 0.100 mm 40-45%
0.100 to 0.500 mm 50-58%
0.500 to 02.00 mm 2-5%
> 02.00 mm 00%

Packing Sizes

Each company is unique in its own. And we respect their preferences. We are offering various packing sizes looking at the demand from our world wide buyers.

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